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Just Another Broken Home

2nd July, 2006. 7:34 pm. Here's Kenny

God I hate fishing. Fishing sucks fucking ass. Just got back from Arizona. Turns out the old truck that I'm gonna be getting soon was our transport. Had to push it more than halfway there, I think. But once we got there...things didn't improve. Kevin ate all the food on the way there.

I died at least three times the whole trip. First time I got run over by the backing-up truck, second time was some lame fishing gear accedent, and the third time Kevin drowned me. In the lake. With fish water. Do you know what drowning in fish-enduced water is like? Weak.

Anyway, I'm back and hopefully I won't drown in fish-water ever again.

Current mood: distressed.

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20th June, 2006. 6:05 pm. What The Hell?

Great. My mom got it in her head that we need some 'family time'. FOr the next week or so she's shipping me, her, Kevin, dad and my sister off to some big lake in Arizona for a fishing trip. How we're getting htere, I have no idea. Must have friends in high places. Or we're hitch hiking. Either way, I won't be around.

Unless I can hide at one of your houses.

Current mood: bitchy.

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14th June, 2006. 9:09 pm.

Hey guys. Know this won't matter much, since nobody has it, but I've got MSN messanger. It's about all I have, but it works. So somebody get it or I'll rape you.

Icon rapes you, too.

Current mood: w00+.

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11th June, 2006. 9:30 am.

Summer. Never thought summer would be so boring. Need something (or someone) to do. Damn it.

The icon tells the truth. A guy runs out every once in a while, ya know. And eventually staring at the same picture for seven and a half hours trying to not run out gets old. So if you guys have any good porn, I'd like to borrow (or steal) it, please. Cause this one's too...um...crumpled.

Current mood: flirty.

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19th May, 2006. 8:38 pm.

Yeah. No real reason for getting this thing, huh? These aren't interesting, not fun, and they don't have any hot girls OR guys. Mostly just a bunch of tightwads. Like a LOT of people in this town. Guess, all I'm saying is, that this is useless, uneless my friends feel like knowing my alphabet STDs and the boundless people I've shared them with and vice-versa. And all the fun stories I have. *maniacle laugh* Well, I'll be seeing you tight-ass guys later. And a note for Cartman - Tell your mom to stop calling me.

Hah hah! I love you guys.


Current mood: Horny...when am I not?.

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